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JENN SHUI - a heart centered practice specializing in energetic Home Readings. Prioritize your Home, Empower your Life! Creating intentional shifts in your Home to help support your Purpose and Joy.

Virtual & In Person Sessions

Your initial session will include a personalized House Reading with a layout of the 9 Areas of the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Room by Room Intentional Home Design & Vision Plan. A list of suggestions to support your desired intentions that will in turn, with your action, direct you and support you in creating the changes you desire to see and feel NOW!

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 Jennifer Joy Hewitt

House Therapist, Wellness & Intentional Design

Energetic Routines & Rituals


First off, a big Welcome! I am excited for you to begin this journey, opening up to the awareness that you and your Home are ONE, your space is a living breathing entity.


I am a Home LOVER! I love all homes with one of my innate gifts being able to visualize the potential of a space and interpret the energy it holds. I have experience working in high end design as well as receiving my House Therapy certification.


I live for routine and intentional rituals, and with four kids in the house, let me tell you, routines rule! My background as a professional ballerina and years of Pilates instructing have laid the foundation for the importance of self discipline.


I love getting into the kitchen, the Wellness Center of the home. I have learned to become creative in the kitchen, to play and get messy, to create memories and introduce the importance of healthy eating to my children. I do believe that food is medicine, food equals abundance.  I take pride in feeling good, feeding my body and also my soul, to stir the energy within and move my body everyday. I received my Health Coaching certificate from IIN, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I believe in bio-individuality.


I believe in magic, finding Joy, and creating a life infused with intentions, meaning and purpose.


As a House Therapist, I view your home as a living, breathing, supportive being. Your home holds opportunity, prosperity and abundance, love, creative inspiration, trust, and the ability to help you reach new heights. Your home IS your energetic soul-partner!


I believe in magic and the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, offering you remedies and cures to help propel positive change within the home and in life.


Together we can shine love and light, infuse intention, and love the space we are currently in, while creating magic with heart and soul, resulting in an awareness that is waiting to be recognized within You!

You are here for a reason. I thank you for being here and look forward to expanding in this magical work together!

Jennifer Joy Hewitt


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