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HOME THERAPY - Energetic practices, rituals & routines

What is House Therapy?

As a House Therapist I work from the heart and soul. I educate and empower others to take action steps towards success. I use the energy in your Home and Heart to help you connect to your space. As a House Therapist I view your space as a living, breathing entity, energetically setting you and your family up for success! Our Home holds enormous influence over our experiences. When we play around with our desired intentions we shift the energy within our environment, the world and its magic shift around us. All you need is a little guidance, a belief in infinite possibility, and a strong desire to take positive action towards your desired goal.  


Together we work with your Intention and begin to create mindful shifts in awareness within your home, your body and soul. There are endless opportunities to craft the consciousness and circumstances for success utilizing many different energetic practices such as Feng Shui. When put into practice this wisdom will have a lasting energetic impact on your home, heart and health.

May We Shine Bright Together,

 Jennifer Joy Hewitt

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