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JENN SHUI - House Therapy
Virtual HOME Initial Session

Session Includes:

- Entire Home & Walk Thru including your unique customized Feng Shui Map Blueprint
- Intent Vision Plan Room by Room, with list of specific actions to take to re-organize, de-clutter, and move your stuff. (this is not an Interior Design consultation)
- Includes a 2 Hour session Virtually or in person (currently in San Diego) 

Introductory price of $399 (per session)

JENN SHUI - House Therapy
Virtual Continuous Sessions

*Pre-requisite Initial 2 Hour House Therapy Session*

Session Includes:
- Continuous House Therapy guidance and support towards your unique Vision Plan to support your Intentions.
We will dive deeper as I help guide you step by step towards implementing your initial Intentions towards change

- 50 minute session (Virtual only)

Introductory price of $99 (per session) 

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